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Shurima Shuffle

Mehr von Shurima Shuffle auf Facebook anzeigen. Anmelden. Passwort vergessen? oder. Neues Konto erstellen. Jetzt nicht. Deutsch · English (US) · Español. Durch Kombination seiner Fähigkeiten kann er zu seinen Soldaten eilen und den sogenannten „Shurima-Shuffle“ ausführen. Anschließend. Charakterprofil von Azir Shurima-shuffle.

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League of Legends Beschwörer Ranglisten, Statistiken, Fähigkeiten, Item-Builds, Champion Stats. Beliebtheit, Winrate, die besten Items und Spells. Durch Kombination seiner Fähigkeiten kann er zu seinen Soldaten eilen und den sogenannten „Shurima-Shuffle“ ausführen. Anschließend. Mehr von Shurima Shuffle auf Facebook anzeigen. Anmelden. Passwort vergessen? oder. Neues Konto erstellen. Jetzt nicht. Deutsch · English (US) · Español.

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Azir Montage - Shurima Shuffle

Keine Kasyno, dann die religiГs Shurima Shuffle Feste und Feiertage. - Wen tritt man weg?

Community Charaktere Azir Shurima-shuffle.
Shurima Shuffle
Shurima Shuffle A Noxian Steward currently occupying Bel'zhun. Azir "Rise of the Ascended" Concept 3 by Riot Artist Sanketh Yayathi. Main article: Where Icathia Once Stood. Over millennia, tales of Shurima's glorious city became myth and religion among the descendants of the scattered survivors. Regular lower class city dwellers tend to wear simple practical garments for the Dr Oetker Vanillezucker desert lifestyle.

Please give us any feedback. Ranked Solo. Control Ward 4. TRUCU OF ROMANIA. Emile Zola. DMT Routine. Get up at 9am. Fish Fish Fishh. Miss Fortune.

Control Ward 2. RBN AuraHistumi. BID xDrayne. Control Ward 3. L1ttle Dog. Portuguese Sir. Masno Ben. US Marshall.

Hyrule Kaiser. XTE RiuLK. Cheval Raccourci. Tresh will hook. MULTI ROLE SAIF. Twisted Fate. SL Empacher. Moustache Guy. They climb down, into the darkness.

Her men head deeper in only to stumble into traps and be eviscerated. Sivir is stunned with horror, but Cassiopeia does not flinch. She sees only the statue of a huge serpent silently guarding the door to the tomb of the Emperors and smiles.

The ancient weapon is a key. Cassiopeia betrays Sivir. She picks up Sivir's blade, puts it into the lock. The guardian's curse is triggered.

The stone serpent comes alive, impales Cassiopeia in its jaws - the venom sears her flesh like acid. The Tomb door opens. Renekton emerges, the brother I loved and locked away, twisted beyond insanity, followed by Xerath , an architect of his torment.

My failure is complete. Sivir drags herself away, life blood flooding from her wound and then succumbs to darkness For though she does not know it, Sivir is the last in the bloodline of Azir , Shurima's lost emperor.

And as her blood soaks into the ancient sands, a deep magic sparks to life. First Azir's mind, then his body.

Snatched back from oblivion to be reborn. Then he sees Sivir, wonders at her face, he sees himself in this daughter of Shurima.

In that moment, he has no thought of empires or rituals. He only knows: she needs his help. He must take her to the Oasis of the Dawn - the Mother of Life.

He smells the waters - smells of life. He prays he is in time. He does not dream that he, Shurima's greatest emperor, can at long last earn his Ascension and bring back his broken city.

He dares not dream that if he can save her Azir can save them all. Shurima is resurrected, and Runeterra 's future is forever altered.

Xerath and Renekton have been unleashed from the Tomb of the Emperors. Nasus , haunted by his brother's heroic sacrifice, is relentlessly pursued by Renekton in his mad thirst for vengeance.

Bristling with power and resentment, Xerath plots to reforge Valoran in the fires of revolution. The serpent's curse is the terrible price of Cassiopeia's ambition, but it also promises a power she never imagined.

Azir , Ascended ruler of a fallen civilization, envisions a new Shuriman empire, while his descendant Sivir , ever the mercenary, looks to turn the situation to her advantage.

Shurima is a land of mystery Having returned to Shurima after hearing word of the empire's restoration, Taliyah made her way from the coastal city of Bel'Zhun around the borders of the Sai, heading to Kenethet and then Vekaura on her journey to the capital.

On the way she found a fatally wounded Sivir, and brought her to safety within the city's borders.

Nasus , who had been searching for the remnants of the Emperor's lineage since Azir's return, also found his way to Vekaura, but before he could meet his intended target Xerath assaulted the city with a force of mind controlled warriors from scattered tribes, and his own incredible power.

As Xerath bombarded the city and his soldiers laid waste to its inhabitants, Nasus finally found what he was looking for in Sivir and her savior Taliyah.

He told Sivir of her importance; with her blood having restored Shurima, she would likely be instrumental to the nation's future, but Sivir had never cared for that ancient legacy and told Nasus she wanted no part in it.

After brief words between the Ascended warrior, the mercenary and the stone mage, Nasus gave Sivir a magical pendant to keep herself concealed from Xerath as they escaped the city before going to face the powerful magus himself.

Xerath had come to end Azir's lineage completely, and the two clashed in a battle the likes of which Shurima had not seen in ages. Though Nasus was able to stand against Xerath for a while, it did not last, and he was felled by his foe's immense magical power, but Xerath did not want Nasus to die just yet.

He had his enemy's death planned out, and it was Renekton who would kill Nasus. Knowing a confrontation between the brothers was inevitable, and knowing how durable Nasus was, Xerath brought down the buildings of Verauka upon the curator's head, burying him completely before departing.

Thanks to the magic of Taliyah many of the city's denizens survived; sheltered by shields of woven stone. Nasus was among them, and while grateful for her help, he had done his job.

Sivir was safe for now, and he looked to the future, hoping against hope that he could save Renekton from his insanity, so that the two of them could defeat Xerath together.

Shurima is an arid territory that covers most of the southern continent, also called Shurima. Many men have gone mad beneath the glare of the Shuriman sun, the source of the power of the Ascended..

It is also the location of the newly resurrected Shuriman Empire, a vast civilization that bloomed millennia ago and is now rising again.

A few of the cities on its northern coast are Noxian territory. Fashioned under the guidance of the Targonians , the great Sun Disc brought the favor of divine, celestial powers to Shurima.

Once it was complete, it is said the waters of life flowed through the canyons surrounding the city, bringing life to the desert.

For eons, the sun worshippers of Shurima owed their society's prosperity to the incredible power of the sun.

Thanks to the prodigious disk that hovered above the capital city, ancient Shurimans could wield raw celestial magic to make their land more bountiful.

The Sun Disc was the center of all Shuriman culture; it permeated every aspect, from religion to icons to dress and so on. An oasis in the desert, it fell to ruins after Azir's failed Ascension , but has risen again since the emperor was revived by Sivir's blood.

In its prime, it was the center of Shuriman society. Because of its immense importance as the center of trade and culture of the empire, many cultural, educational centers and markets bringing goods from all over the Empire sprung up.

It also housed special burial grounds for the most influential of its citizens, such as The Tomb of the Emperors. The city is divided by ringed districts and city levels.

The city's wealthiest citizens lived in the top rings of the city, while middle and lower classes with slaves lived mostly in settlements built on the rocky cliff sides of the outer and lower rings.

The Palace of Ten Thousand Pillars, Scholar's Palace, Temple of the Sun and Oasis of the Dawn are located at the center of the city.

The most important road in the city was the Emperor's Way. The city was built around the ancient Sun Disc that floats above The Circle of Ascension and the city itself.

The city also had the most advanced irrigation system of its time, seemingly unsurpassed until recently. Floating gardens decorated with palms and other flora protected its many terraces from the burning sun.

The Great Sai, or Shuriman Wastes is a large desert spanning most of east, south, and west Shurima. The fallen empire has littered the dunes with ruins.

Stretching out for hundreds of miles, the Endless Plain is a desolate wasteland that has claimed countless lives over the centuries. Few who attempt to cross it are ever seen again—if the relentless, burning heat and lack of water doesn't kill them, the predators and savage raiders that emerge under the cover of darkness likely will.

A mysterious creature can be found wandering the desert. Skarner defends the entrance to a realm deep beneath the Shuriman wastes; what he protects, no one knows.

Buried tombs also hold ancient secrets; Amumu rose from such a tomb, and in another, Ezreal claimed an Ascended artifact of incredible mystical power.

Kenethet , Vekaura , Nerimazeth , Zuretta , Astrologer's Tower, and the Zoantha Cascade are located in this desert wasteland.

Other known locations in north Shurima are: Parnesa, Odyn Valley, Zuretta , etc. Other known locations in east Shurima are: The Great Sai , Astrologer's Tower, etc.

Other known locations in south Shurima are: The Great Sai , Antathir , Bai-Zhek, Saabara, Old Zuretta, etc. Other known locations of west Shurima are: The Great Sai , Amakra , The Sun Disc , etc.

A Brackern known as Skarner. Within a hidden valley live the Brackern: a species of sentient, crystalline scorpions with great magical power.

For thousands of years they lived peacefully in this secluded corner of Shurima, but when the Rune Wars ravaged Runeterra the Brackern hid themselves by hibernating beneath the earth to wait out the devastation, and hopefully wait out the extinction of the human race.

In recent times the sleeping Brackern were discovered by thieves who stole several namestones from their bodies; stones which are critical to the livelihood and culture of the Brackern, so much so that those with stolen stones face immediate death if they should wake, and many cannot even be roused from their slumber.

Skarner , one of the strongest Brackern, was able to wake himself and has set out to reclaim all of the stolen namestones while also ensuring that no humans ever find the valley.

In the harsh conditions of Shurima they have evolved to survive the perpetual drought by utilizing an unknown sense to locate hidden reservoirs of water.

Incidentally, certain nomadic tribes have built themselves a permanent home upon the backs of these beasts where they clean the creature and hunt any airborne pests who venture near.

Mwatis are goatlike creatures with large plated casques on their heads. Mwati wool and plate are prised for felting and insulation. Gigantic scarabs that roam in swarms, looking for unfortunate travelers to feed on.

They seem to be common prey for Rammus. Beside the Xer'Sai, other creatures from the Void, referred to as 'outerbeasts', can be found in the desert.

Large and aggressive minotaur-like creatures. They are humpbacked quadrupeds with long limbs and thick horns. A breed of camels native to the deserts of Shurima and are used by caravans as well as common folk as primary mode of transportation.

Despite being well-suited for lengthy travels in the desert landscape, they are still prey to a many predator such as the Xer'Sai.

Sandswimmers are massive quadrupedal creatures that traverse the Shuriman desert in cyclical patterns.

They got their name due to their preferred method of travel. Their narrow bodies and webbed feet are perfectly design for swimming under the sand.

They feed on bugs and other small creatures most desert beasts ignore. Scavengers will often memorize the predictable paths these creatures take, and jump onto their backs to ride as far as they wish.

The Skallashi are large quadrupedal herbivores. These hardy beasts of burden are common across Shurima, ideally suited to the harsh desert environment.

Their key body feature is their long legs. Notoriously bad-tempered, they are nevertheless treated with great reverence.

Their brown hides are often painted with sacred symbols of protection, and their horns hung with totems and charms.

While these creatures are mostly used for travel and carrying heavy loads, on some larger skallashi people are able to built miniature rooms for more comfortable travel.

To own one is often considered a sign of considerable prosperity. Shurima is described as a place that had a thriving culture, not only a strong military and a powerful emperor.

It had a sense of personal identity with art, music, literature, trade, magical technology and more. The people of Shurima have been emperors and warriors, slaves and scholars, enduring beneath the glare of the deser sun.

Through their knowledge of the sands, their strong family bonds, and sheer determination that history will not forget them, they have survived wars that spanned many centuries.

The current inhabitants of Shurima's desert are mainly descended from the survivors of the fall of Shurima's empire. The origin of their culture reaches back to Azir's time.

During those times, slavery was a common practice in the Empire. It was so common that the entire Empire was dependent on slaves as the primary workforce.

A former slave, Xerath , tried to seek revenge for his past station, which caused the failed ascension of Azir and the downfall of the empire.

Ironically, his plan was put into action right after Azir emancipated all slaves in the empire. After the fall of Ancient Shurima, the society has evolved as they eke out an existence in their harsh environment of the desert.

The people are also known to produce seers blessed with foresight. Malzahar was born with such abilities. The southern desert is plagued by Xer'Sai, vicious monsters originating from the Void.

To scout from attacks by Xer'Sai, caravans can employ Elujrav'i , or "bell riders. These are poor locals who travels with the caravan, but can quickly be outrun in case of an attack by the Xer'Sai, at which point they serve as unfortunate decoys while their employers escape.

The Shuriman language has undergone many changes, as well as become more opaque, since the collapse of Shuriman society, to the point that modern Shuriman is distinct from its ancient form.

As Shurimans had conquered many other nations, the Shuriman Empire also incorporated many other ethnicities, thus diversifying the Empire culturally and linguistically.

It was thought for some time that all Voidborns carry names said to be in Ancient Shuriman naming convention, whereby a Voidborn individual has their unique name combined with the last syllable of their species name, being separated by an apostrophe in the middle; e.

However, this appears to not be true; in fact, we know sai means "desert," so we can perhaps infer the meaning of her and her tribe's names from this.

The general styles of clothing tend to differ depending on the era and social status. Regular lower class city dwellers tend to wear simple practical garments for the harsh desert lifestyle.

The upper class city dwellers tend to wear loose flowing clothing with a lot of decorative gold jewelry on the feet, hands, head, or torso.

Sun Disk symbols were and still are a prevalent motif in Shuriman clothing; common colors include gold, white, red, and emerald green. An ancient and mysterious wind spirit, Janna has come to protect the dispossessed of Zaun.

Once known as Jan'ahrem , her power was once felt all throughout Shurima, with her aiding the vulnerable of the continent, especially those of the seafaring land of Oshra Va'Zaun.

During the rise of the Ascended and The Great Darkin War , her influence in Shurima remained constant, as she protected those most in need.

In modern times, she protects the people of Zaun, those that believe in her the most, from the toxins that befall them constantly. The enigmatic armordillo that roams the deserts of Shurima.

Rammus comes and goes, appearing to the people of Shurima at random, usually by accident, looking for food, or because of some other agenda. However, this hasn't stopped the people from creating wild theories about his origin, race, and goals.

Some say he is harbinger of change, others say a god, and still others claim him to be a guardian of Shurima. Whatever the case, he will continue to roam the desert, and mystify all who come across him.

The Great Weaver is a Shuriman deity which weaves the lives and destinies of each individual and holds individual triumph into consideration, since even the smallest rock is important in weaving the larger tapestry of life.

Belief in the Great Weaver started some time after the fall of Shurima and is widely practiced by nomads and shepherds.

Shurima currently has no centralized government; most regions are controlled by local leaders due to the isolation of many settlements. While the Shuriman Empire reigned, all regions were governed by feudal lords who answered to the Emperor of Shurima in the capital.

Targon , Kahleek , Renek , Kumungu , Kalduga , Faraj , Ixtal , Icathia Azir intends to reunify Shurima after his resurrection.

His motivation to bring the golden light of Shurima to other nations as he truly believes that Shurima was the height of civilization, and could only continue to grow more wonderful.

Shuriman army left and right summoned by Azir after the capital's resurrection by Riot Artist Patrick Faulwetter. The Cult of The Void is a cult that first began when Malzahar claimed that Runeterra will be ended by the Void.

Many of its followers have surrendered themselves to this fate and simply do what is asked of them, including being used as a sacrifice to the Void.

In the years since the cults formation, Malzahar's legend has spread even to the northern ports. The Disciples of the Armordillo is by far the only cult that does not have any detriments.

The cult revolves around the legendary being known as Rammus , whom they believe to be a god, Ascended , oracle, or something along those lines.

Disciples yearly conduct ceremonies wherein they will imitate his famous roll, and somersault across their respective cities in droves. Many pilgrims roam the desert, in the hopes that they will find him and answer a single question.

Knowing his cravings for sweets, they often fill all of their caravans with treats and sweets, usually finding their caravans exhausted of it all first thing in the morning.

The raiders of Shurima survive not through trade, but through violence. These bands of marauders often attempt to blend into the environment in order to lure unsuspecting travelers into traps before killing them, taking their belongings, and in very rare cases eating them.

During ancient times, Ixtal was one of the first nations to join the Shuriman Empire. After the fall of Icathia , the Ixtali started to distance themselves from the Empire, completely isolating themselves by the time of the Darkin War and the later Rune Wars.

A number of otherwise independent ports and cities in northern Shurima have voluntarily assimilated into Noxus. The original inhabitants of these settlements live in relative peace, seeing Noxian trade taxes as a price worth paying for military protection from raiders.

By hiring Shuriman scavengers for a pittance and selling the artifacts they found to the occupying Noxians, some unscrupulous merchants grew very rich, very fast.

Azir has now resurrected the ancient capital and has made his mission to revive the old Empire as well. Time will only tell as to what political relations Shurima and Noxus will have in this new political landscape.

Shuriman, mostly northern coastal cities, often trade with Piltovers wealthy clans. Clan Medarda had trade connections across multiple political connections with Shuriman city rulers across the clans history.

Clan Ferros was the first Piltover clan to harvest brackern crystals for the creation of Hextech devices. Since its inception Shurima has had deep political and social ties with both Mount Targon and celestial Targon itself.

The knowledge of how to create the first Ascended, the blueprints on how to create the Sun Disc, and the means to revert ascension, was given by Targonians.

During the Darkin War, Targonian Aspects aided Shurimans in both defeating and imprisoning the warring darkin. During ancient times Zaun, or Kha'zhun, was an important trading port of the Empire.

During the millennia and centuries after the Empires fall it slowly distanced itself politically and socially from the rest of Shurima. However Zaunites still follow some of their old Shuriman beliefs such as the worship of Janna , an old wind spirit originating from Shurima.

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Do you like this video? Faction Shurima By Unknown Author Starring: Amumu , Azir , Nasus , Rammus , Renekton , Sivir , Skarner , Taliyah , Xerath. Main article: Where Icathia Once Stood.

Main article: Twilight of the Gods. Main article: Descent into the Tomb. Main article: Rise of the Ascended. The Capital Ruins. The Capital Reborn.

Capital Cliffside Entrance. The Great Sai Desert. Market Of Illumination.

SHURIMA SHUFFLE! | Madness Monday # | Hirntot-Azir. 11, views11K views. • Nov 9, 6. Share Save. / 6. Sieh dir den Clip von phoenixaa mit dem Titel „Shurima Shuffle:O“ an. League of Legends Beschwörer Ranglisten, Statistiken, Fähigkeiten, Item-Builds, Champion Stats. Beliebtheit, Winrate, die besten Items und Spells. Charakterprofil von Azir Shurima-shuffle.

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Bei Händlern erhältlich: nein Unverkäuflich Markt: X. shurima shuffle? User Info: ChobitDollfie. ChobitDollfie 4 years ago #1. can someone explain how it's supposed to be done? you're supposed to e and then quickly q to it? i am i. User Info: infinitexx. infinitexx 4 years ago #2. Q your soldiers to or past someone, E to them, Ult them back the way you came, generally into your team or the turret. LIKE if you enjoyed and hit the BELL for notifications! 👑 WATCH MY STREAM 👑 🐦 FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER 🐦 Shurima Shufflë / Diamond 4 9LP / 78W 54L Win Ratio 59% / Rengar - 25W 9L Win Ratio 74%, Evelynn - 18W 5L Win Ratio 78%, Kha'Zix - 3W 2L Win Ratio 60%, Yasuo - 2W 1L Win Ratio 67%, Diana - .
Shurima Shuffle Saikhal is a settlement located in western Shurima. Its river is a tributary that connects to the Mother of Life River. It is the birthplace of Xerath. Path of Dust: Once called the Water Road during the times of ancient Shurima, this is the main road that leads from the town square to the river shores of Saikhal. Hope you enjoyed the video:) Guide here: Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Azir’s signature strengths lie in his high sustained damage as well as his ‘Shurima Shuffle’ to turn the tables on opponents with a flashy initiation. By leaving these intact, we can get a better look at how Azir fares against newer challengers to his midlane throne while still addressing his dominance. How to shurima shuffle in team fights? I know the combo by heart, but I have a really hard time looking for a good shurima shuffle during team fights in the late game. Whenever i do attempt it, i usually never scoop that many people and i end up dying anyways. Nomenclature It was thought for some time that all Voidborns carry names said to be in Ancient Shuriman naming convention, whereby a Voidborn individual has their unique name combined with the last syllable Wann Ziehung Eurojackpot their species name, being separated by an apostrophe in the middle; e. Varus : Likely native Shuriman out-of-universe, a pun on Latin varus " bow-legged " Xerath : Native ancient Shuriman name "One Who Shares". It had a sense Shurima Shuffle personal identity with art, music, literature, trade, magical technology and more. A mysterious creature can be found wandering the desert. Skallashi in The Great Sai. Many pilgrims roam the desert, in the hopes that they will find him and answer a single question. Its gleaming capital was all but destroyed in an earth-shaking cataclysm and the empire was left in ruins, its people scattered and its mighty cities devoured by the sand. Former ruler of Bel'zhun before Noxus annexed the city. Ranked Solo. Flex Rank. Hierophant Of Zuretta. Masno Ben. Shurima "Legends of Runeterra" Concept Rebuy Г¶ffnungszeiten by Riot Contracted Artists Sixmorevodka Studio.
Shurima Shuffle In diesen uralten Kristall wurde das Symbol der Gelehrten eingeritzt. Kontakt - Crown Aspinalls - TOS - -. Persönliche Bewertungen.
Shurima Shuffle


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